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To make an appointment:

Medicine in Balance, LLC
940 Town Centre Drive
Suite F-90
Langhorne, PA

Call 215-741-1600


My Upper Bucks County Office *

8133 Easton Road (Rt. 611), Suite 108
(Uncle Bob’s Self-Storage Office Complex)
Ottsville, PA  18942


* Remember, “remote” sessions can be arranged!  You can have a session in this manner one of two ways:

(1)  We set up an appointment, via telephone or email, and arrange for a time when I will call you and work with you via a headset.  You will be asked to be in a quiet room where you can lay down and engage in conversation with me as we do the work. Ideally, you should either have the ability to put your phone on “speaker” mode or wear a headset so that your hands are free and you can lay back or sit comfortably and relax.

(2)  We set up an appointment, via telephone or email, and arrange for a time when we are both aware that work is going to be done ** (when you are in a quiet, hopefully undisturbed location) but we do not necessarily have to have direct contact with each other during the session.

** In certain circumstances, I can “journey” (a shamanic term) on your behalf regardless of your circumstances (meaning even if you are busy doing other things and cannot arrange to recline or sit quietly during the session).  We must both be aware of and agree to such an arrangement; and I must stress that this is not something I encourage or do often.


My postal “snail mail” address is:

P.O. Box 182
Pipersville, PA  18947


To reach me by email:


Society for Shamanic Practitioners

I am proud to be a member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners. The Society is an alliance of people deeply committed to the re-emergence of shamanic practices that promote healthy individuals and viable communities.

Lisa Weikel

Chincheros, Peru. Photo by Lisa Weikel