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Owl Medicine is the true spiritual adventure story about a nine month period in my life during which I sought the message being brought to me when I found a dead Great Horned Owl hanging upside down at the side of a country road near my home.

The book actually covers more than just nine months, as it includes flashbacks to other times in my life that were relevant to the unfolding of the story and the messages I was receiving. Essentially, it serves as an affirmation to anyone who thinks they are “ordinary,” to realize that they, too, can have an amazing, magical life. And the fact that I’m a lawyer relating this somewhat fantastical series of events, well-trained in approaching life and issues through the application of logic and scientific-inquiry, serves as a catalyst to open some people’s minds to events and circumstances (“coincidences,” if you will) that they would otherwise dismiss without a second thought.

Owl Medicine also is a cautionary tale to those embarking on metaphysical pursuits, exposing the reality of “the dark side,” for lack of a better term, and illustrating that it is imperative to have an awareness of your own and others’ energies, an appreciation for the use of discernment, as well as knowledge of how to protect yourself. Back when my husband and I were first living these experiences and learning these lessons, there was quite a heavy emphasis on “positive thinking” and a pretty pervasive “Pollyanna” attitude toward energy, power, and the possible malignant intentions of others. While much more has been written on the subject of misuse of power and energy since we went through what we did, I still find there to be a staggering amount of naïveté surrounding this issue. (And by this I do not negate in any way the power of positive thinking. I do, however, believe that its opposite should neither be discounted nor ignored.)

I also introduce people (simply, through my story) to the fun of using divination techniques such as runes and Medicine Cards, etc., in order to access and exercise their powers of intuition and receive guidance. I am amazed, frankly, at how unaware people are of these tools even to this day, when they are such a rich and important part of my own life.





Book Reviews

Thank you Lisa for writing this wonderful book. It is a much needed read for everyone, and especially anyone who is mentoring under one teacher. It would be good for teachers to read as well! Actually it is a good read for anyone who is breathing!!! I wonder if that might be one of the invisible reasons you asked to (study under) Catherine – so that you could clarify for all of us the importance of following one’s own inner guidance and what can happen when you don’t.”
Mary R., Maryland

“I just finished reading your wonderful book, and I really enjoyed it. An excellent, personal, honest story. Lots of great things in it. Many good teachings. Much tension, then great relief. Thanks for that.”
David Seth Michaels., Spencertown, NY, author of The Dream Antilles 

“I just finished Owl Medicine – what a treat! Very inspirational … a courageous story to tell, and told so beautifully. You have a particular gift for using short phrases and descriptions to place the reader exactly in a certain place or frame of mind.”
Doug Leland,
Master Certified Coach
(619) 435-4660 | (619) 435-4820

“I gave (Elaine) a copy of Owl Medicine that you inscribed for her … When we spoke yesterday she was almost done with the book and was blown away by it – the same reaction EVERYONE I’ve given it to has had. Everyone who has read the book thinks you should write another one. They want to know more.”
D.R., Chester County, PA

“I LOVED your book!!!!  It was so beautifully written, so juicy, so informative, personal, heartfelt and fascinating! Such a treat to sit down each night, and gobble up some more!  Would love to know about the rest of your journey since you finished the book…is there another one in the works?”
Susan Duval, Doylestown, PA

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Some of my favorite specialty shops and independent bookstores also carry Owl Medicine (in case you don’t want to order your copy online). If you live near or visit the metropolitan Philadelphia or Bucks County area, please visit these great stores:

Journeys Spirited Gifts
Peddler’s Village
Lahaska, PA

Soulutions for Daily Living (www.soulutionsfordailyliving.com)
126 N. State Street
Newtown, PA

The Doylestown Bookshop (www.doylestownbookshop.com)
16 S. Main Street
Doylestown, PA

Kimberton Whole Foods (www.kimbertonwholefoods.com)
239 Durham Road
Ottsville, PA

Seven Stones (http://sevenstonesgallery.com/home.htm)
212 W. State Street
Media, PA  19063