Believing, as I do, that “there are no coincidences,” I want to simply say that I’m glad you’re here. Good for you for listening, for following your intuition, or for just continuing to click those links until you found what you were looking for.

Just as I am an eclectic mix of education, experiences and training, so this website is a conglomeration of the different facets of my personality, passions, and proclivities.

It’s my hope that by visiting Owl Medicine you’ll soon find you’re not alone in your quest to learn more about yourself and make sense of our world. In truth, these questions and pursuits have been the driving force of my life. Perhaps, then, by visiting here you’ll discover a kindred spirit or receive an inspiration as to the next step on your unique path to embracing your destiny and living your heart’s desire.


Near my sacred Tohickon Creek, Bucks County, PA. Photo by Lisa Weikel

Please visit my blog, Ruffled Feathers, where I periodically post my thoughts and perspective on any number of topics and experiences that ruffle my feathers or give me pause. Feel free to post a response to my musings, pose a question, or start a conversation. It’s always amazing to see how many of us are wondering the same things at the same time. Perhaps your question or observation will prompt a response that is the perfect message for someone else. Don’t discount our unseen connections to each other! I invite you to be part of the magic that we are all co-creating, whether we consciously know it or not.

So…welcome! Browse around, make an appointment, order a book, or write me an email. Our most amazing journeys begin with a single step. I invite you to come and take a walk with me!

Lisa JG Weikel     

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