Links to Favorite People, Favorite Books and Favorite Things

As I’ve lived my life, I’ve been lucky to meet and make friends with a wide array of remarkable people, many of whom are powerful and brilliant in their “ways of being” in the world. I’ve also come across books and tools that have helped me in my quest to understand myself better and hone my powers of intuition and self-reflection. Following, you’ll find a few of my favorites of all flavors.

Medicine in Balance (Wendy Warner, M.D.)
One of the offices at which I see clients is this wonderful holistic medical practice located in Langhorne, Bucks County, PA. If you are looking for a medical practice that can meet your needs or ease your symptoms through an astonishing array of modalities, from being treated by an M.D. or a D.O., to working with practitioners offering services ranging from homeopathy, acupuncture, Heart Math®, energy psychology, Feldenkrais®, and massage therapy to shamanic work, you’ve found your home at Medicine in Balance. Visit the MIB website for a complete listing of great workshops offered, too!

Sacred Pathways (Wake and Kinlen Wheeler)
Wake has been an inspiration and major influence in my journey on the Inkan path. He is a repository of profound knowledge and insight into the traditional ways of the Q’ero. The Q’ero are the indigenous peoples of the high Andes in Peru who have kept their healing and wisdom tradition alive, yet hidden since the invasion of their lands by the Conquistadors, throughout the centuries and are considered to be both the precursors and descendants of the Inkas.

Wake and Kinlen, together, are remarkable ceremonialists and coordinators of sacred journeys and gatherings. They have hosted and are the co-creators of the Global Fire Ceremonies and the International Gathering of Shaman, which have taken place in Oregon, Ireland, and even the northernmost tip of Scandinavia (Nord Kapp, the “Crown of Pachamamma”).

Slí An Chroí – Pathway of the Heart (Karen Ward and John Cantwell)
Slí An Chroí
Karen and John are true Irish shamans, ceremonialists, and teachers.  Co-hosts with Wake and Kinlen Wheeler of the International Gathering of Shaman in Ireland in April 2009, Karen and John reintroduced the Ritual of Keening to its essential and rightful place in our work, as Earth Stewards, of dreaming the world into being. Without adequately purging ourselves of the grief held deep within, we cannot expect to dream a world into being where grief does not tinge our creation.

Desert Holistic Network (Renee Baribeau)
Renee is a trained shaman, chef, and entrepreneur, having produced the unique Business of Healing Conference in Joshua Tree, CA, in March 2007. Renee is also the founder of the Desert Holistic Network, a clearinghouse for holistic business people and practitioners not only in the Palm Desert area, but nationally and internationally as well. For several years, Renee has published the Village Q’ipu, an e-newsletter with distribution to at least a dozen countries around the world. With an emphasis on shamanism and other alternative healing modalities, she keeps the community informed of workshops as well as news of upcoming trips with a variety of well-known and respected shamanic healers, teachers and practitioners.

Alison Baughman – Visible by Numbers
Alison Baughman first discovered Numerology as a child, studied it for a lifetime and began her professional career as a Numerologist in 1999. Today, Alison is a professional Numerologist, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master, author, lecturer, and host of Not Your Normal Soccer Moms on Paramania Radio.


Other Practitioners

Janet Hudak Boddy
One of the few Archetypal Consultants on the East Coast, Janet is extremely gifted in helping you identify and understand your Archetypes and the way they interact with each other and affect your life. Trained in archetypal work by Carolyn Myss, the author of Sacred Contracts, Janet was a member of the first graduating class certified by the Carolyn Myss Education Institute in Chicago, IL in September 2004. You can find her on www.myss.com as a professional Sacred Contracts Consultant.


Favorite Books

Often in my work I am called upon to retrieve power animals on behalf of my clients. First and foremost, I always encourage my clients to establish personal contact and communication with their power animal on their own, in order to discern their unique relationship to this powerful Ally. At the same time, I recognize that this process is often unfamiliar to my clients, and some people just “take” to the process of making direct, internal contact with their power animals easily, while others may benefit from some “outside assistance.”

In order to facilitate as great an understanding as possible of the attributes, guidance, wisdom, and other messages our power animals may be bringing to us, I encourage the use of a myriad of resources and advocate tapping into our intuition and inner knowing  to determine what resonates most strongly for each of us at that particular moment. Of course, as we grow, the messages our allies bring to us also evolve, which is why I cherish these reference materials. Different passages take on greater or lesser importance at different times, particularly as our understanding of both ourselves and the issues we face shifts.

Sandra IngermanAmazon.com
Sandra is devoted to teaching people how we can work together as a global community to bring about positive change. The spiritual work we do together does make a difference and is where we have to the power to be conscious positive changemakers.

Ross HeavenAmazon.com
Ross Heaven was described by The Guardian newspaper journalist James Shreeve as “the Joseph Campbell of our times”. The director of The Four Gates Foundation for spiritual and shamanic wisdom, Ross is a psychologist, presenter, and the author of more than 10 books on shamanism, plant medicines, and the healing traditions, including The Hummingbird’s Journey to God.


Resources I routinely use and recommend

(you can click on each title for a link to Amazon):

Animal Speak by Ted Andrews
Animal-Wise by Ted Andrews
Nature-Speak by Ted Andrews
Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams
Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D.
Magical Mystical Creatures – Invite Their Power into Your Life by D. J. Conway

Some of my favorite books on shamanism

The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner
Shamanic Journeying – A Beginner’s Guide by Sandra Ingerman
Shaman, Healer, Sage by Alberto Villoldo
Dance of the Four Winds by Alberto Villoldo (with E. Jendresen)
Island of the Sun by Alberto Villoldo (with E. Jendresen)
The Four Insights: Wisdom, Power, and Grace of the Earthkeepers by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.
Courageous Dreaming:  How Shamans Dream the World into Being by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.
Masters of the Living Energy – The Mystical World of the Q’ero of Peru by Joan Parisi Wilcox
The Mist-Filled Path – Celtic Wisdom for Exiles, Wanderers, and Seekers by Frank MacEowen
The Spiral of Memory and Belonging:  A Celtic Path of Soul and Kinship by Frank MacEowen
Weather Shamanism – Harmonizing Our Connection with the Elements by Nan Moss with David Corbin
Chosen by the Spirits:  Following Your Shamanic Calling by Sarangerel
Riding Windhorses – A Journey into the Heart of Mongolian Shamanism by Sarangerel
The Way of Wyrd by Brian Bates
The Sin Eaters by Ross Heaven

A few books that have shaped my worldview

The Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby
Shouting at the Wolf by Anderson Reed
The Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts
The Medicine Woman series by Lynn Andrews


Finally, some favorite people and their creations (books, programs, divination decks, etc.)

Gail Larsen www.realspeaking.net
Gail is founder of the internationally acclaimed program:  Real Speaking – Truth Well Spoken. I’ve participated in Gail’s program and I can assure you that she is not only an amazing public speaker in her own right, but also a tremendously gifted mentor and guide who can help you bring out the best within yourself in front of an audience.

Transformational Speaking – If You Want to Change the World, Tell a Better Story by Gail Larsen