“…it is with much gratitude and appreciation that I thank you for the wonderful session I experienced with you yesterday! It was truly a magical and beautiful experience in every way (you have definitely found your true calling!) … I felt really good today – lighter and empowered in my being that it is possible now to be free of this bizarre anxiety, fear and panic that has gripped me on and off these last few years. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s a relief that those two souls have now found their appropriate place and hopefully the peace to go with it. I really appreciate your kind and informative follow-up emails with all the great information and guidance.”
Anonymous – Bucks County, PA  

“I can’t begin to explain the improvement in my state of mind since our session. The next morning as I watched the sun rise, I was so happy to be alive I cried. I feel like a different person…Thank you again for what I can only call a rebirth.”
J.W. – Tinicum Township, PA 

“Thank you so much. I am over my eating disorder. I feel like a different person. I don’t know how to thank you enough!”
E.K. – Bucks County, PA  

“Thank you so much for your thoughtful and heartwarming follow up. I truly believe that our session the other night is the beginning of some beautiful changes in my life. I thank you for finding your passion and being the medium for me on my journey. I was very comfortable with you and you made it very easy for me to speak my story. The space that you held for me and your compassion were very comforting and I am truly grateful. Last night I did burn my old contract. It was surprisingly emotional for me but once I released it I embraced the joy of the new and all of the wonderful things to come.”
Wendy  – Telford, PA

“Many thanks again for such a significant healing and for being such a compassionate listener. I had a Shiatsu treatment this morning, and (my therapist) told me how much better the muscles in my legs were behaving.” Three weeks later: “I can’t thank you enough for setting me on a healing path. I think every once in a while about your healing and am in awe of the love and caring you extended to me.”
Betty – Montgomery County, PA

“From the day that we had our first session, you have changed my life dramatically. You helped me navigate through deep relationship, personal, and mental blockages that I could not get through on my own. My spirit, mind and heart have been opened to move forward in a positive direction to fulfill the plan of my being. Even after being diagnosed with cancer, I still know my life plan and purpose is bigger than I can imagine and waiting to unfold. I will be forever grateful for what you have done for me.”
Laureen M., – Upper Black Eddy, PA